Trailing edge, USX

Heya! So, I’m plodding along, practicing a few minutes at a time, a few times a day working on my tremolo, trying to create a USX motion, and seeing some slight progress with synching the 6 note patterns on one string. Trying to switch strings now and then to see if I’ve got it yet. meh. not quite. Steady as she goes. I do find I tend to develop quite a hook in my wrist. I believe Troy calls it flexion - or whatever the bad one was, lol. The more I supinate, the greater the hook. It is entirely possible I’m getting a descent escape at less supination angle, but I’m kind of exaggerating the motion to be sure I’m escaping, and that’s where I feel tension start to build in my wrist. Anyway, not really here about that.
What I really want to know is:
Is there a specific chapter of the Primer or anything else (I’m a member with all access) that deals specifically with trailing edge grip, and USX? Thanks!

There’s an entire section on pick grips which includes trailing edge - and much more. Have a look and let us know what you think of it :slight_smile: