Transcription software

Is there software that can reliably create standard notation on its own? (I.e. you plug the guitar into, say, a DAW, play whatever you like, and the program generates standard notation for what you’ve played)

Not without a guitar MIDI system. Ableton Live can transcribe single note (monophonic) audio to MIDI, which could be exported to Notation software, but not without a ton of manual adjustment to create a professional looking transcription.

Audio to Notation transcription is in a rather primitive state of tech evolution. The real answer is No, you have to use your ears.

I see. I hope audio-to-notation programs are coming to us at some point in the not too distant future. (Though I know that music folks who believe strongly in the benefits of old-fashioned transcribing won’t like it.) Okay, patience then. Thanks:)

Jam origin has pretty good audio to midi software…and it’s polyphonic. I bought it years ago - hella fun. Its$100…I can say the support is good.

I’m not that familiar with MIDI. Can you describe how audio-to-midi works?