Transcription: Vivaldi Tribute - Tina S


Only one who is worthy can wield Excalibur.

Check the transcription on my channel for Tina S’ amazing performance of “Vivaldi Tribute”, if your chops are up for it :wink:


Oh thank you so much! I’ve been wanting to study this one for a very long time - but it was taking me so long to arrange it on guitar from the violin sheet :slight_smile:

Definitely not written for the guitar!


Glad you like it.

I’m also working on Patrick Rondat’s “Virtuosité et Velocité á la guitare”, where he plays this and a bunch of exercises/études. Of course the videographer went for the '90s ‘Extreme!’ camera work, where it’s zooming in and out all over the place lol. Tina’s recording is much clearer and obviously her technique is super clean.

Rondat’s arrangement definitely translates some of the violin pyrotechnics to the guitar quite nicely - I really like the open string arpeggios in bar 43!


Thanks for the tabs.

Tina was 14 when she played this :crazy_face: