Tremolo Test - My first attempt at speed

I’ve been playing guitar for just over two years, and I realized that I had to be missing something, because I just couldn’t alternate pick fast enough. I found Troy’s site and here I am!

I did well with the tabletop tests, at or above 200 on all of them. Here is my first attempt at fast tremolo picking. Let me know what you see.

I feel like it is brand new, and I am still getting used to moving this fast. The more I do it, the easier it gets.


Looks good to me, seems to be elbow picking DSX!


Agree with @Pepepicks66 - looks like elbow motion for sure.

I was surprised with that motion myself when I first tried it. I thought ‘no way I can move my whole arm that fast’…

Once I dial in some other issues I’m having and can reliably play musical runs (not mechanics tests…where I am now) at speeds, I plan to revisit this motion and see what comes of it.


Sorry @michael_s, I missed this at the time. Great filming and video editing :slight_smile:

I also thinkl this looks like elbow (or wrist + elbow) DSX, so I’d try to get started with phrases that only change strings after donwstrokes. Let us know how that goes!