Trey Hensley Picking Motion

I’m thinking he uses wrist DBX, but is is DT or RDT? Doesn’t really look like Molly Tuttle’s technique but looks a bit like David Grier’s, but it kinda looks like Andy Wood’s as well so I’m not sure, what do people think?


Man he is RIPPING. I’ll give the motions a think. I haven’t watched the whole thing yet but I see more of the “lightly supinated” Andy Wood than I do David Grier (who I thought was supposed to be very similar to Molly, but I’m wrong all the time)

The guy is a monster, to add insult to injury this was performed at 8am :sweat_smile:

That’s personally what I was leaning towards. Molly’s form is the way more obvious version of DT to me than David’s but I’ve only recently got better at telling the difference between DT and RDT so still unsure about some motions!

Was just about to make a post about him but searched to see if there already was one, how about that! Yeah he has been posting some phenomenal stuff on his instagram lately. Such a clear attack. Nice to see the angle in that youtube vid, his ig posts usually just show the other side of his hand.

(not sure why i can’t get a preview to show for the last one)

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