Trigger grip, upstroke escape, and scraping knuckles

I’m experimenting with grip and noticed that if I use a trigger grip or a closed fist grip, I’m always scraping my knuckles on the strings, especially on upstroke escapes.

Look at this video, 6:50, it seems like there’s a lot of tension in the fingers and wrist to keep them out of the way of the strings:

I think it’s unusual for Troy to demonstrate upstroke escape here with a trigger/closed grip because yngwie and eric johnson, the two main examples of upstroke escape players, use a much more open grip.

Anyone ever scrape their knuckles like me?

Hey, it’s probably best to post a video of yourself so we can see what’s causing the problem.

Although when I experimented with wrist usx using the trigger grip, I raised the fingers similar to how Troy is in the video and it did not feel tense to me.

Troy discusses his experimentation with this type of grip somewhere in the primer and said initially he did have issues with scraping the fingers on the strings. Raising the fingers slightly was the solution.

The Malmsteen grip and arm setup isn’t wrist only, so it’s a different mechanic entirely. When Troy demonstrated this, he used the angle pad grip which is a fully extended grip.

Here is the video where he talks about it.

I played for years scraping my knuckles and used to find it really irritating. One thing I didn’t notice until more recently when I was playing REALLY loud in a rehearsal space was how much noise/mess it creates! Since then I’ve switched to a more angle pad grip and everything feels so much better :grin:

I’ve also noticed great Gypsy Jazz players like Joscho Stephan tend to play with the flat of the pick more than I ever did, he still has USX from the flexed form he uses but he’s barely playing the string with the side of his pick at all (tends to sound especially scrape-y and unpleasant on acoustic).

Since switching from my typical 45 degree approach I seem to be able to access way more power from my forearm and it sounds great. It was such a small tweak but it’s honestly made the world of difference :slight_smile:

I’ve had this issue before, basically doing less of a trigger, I believe Joscho in vid @Jacklr posted does this.

Trigger grip to me has always meant a proper curl/ flex with the index vs a more relaxed open hand position. Though I still scrape my nail, Not much of an issue tho.

What sort of pick do you find works when played more flat like this? I find I get sort of stuck if I don’t use some edge picking when using a pointy jazz III

I started with a Dunlop 1.5mm Delrin because I hate how they feel with edge picking hoping this would help force me to keep it flat but I’ve since switched back to a Dunlop 1.38mm Ultex Jazz III XL just because I love the feel of them.

I would of said the same a month ago and when I first switched to no edge picking it felt like I was working a lot harder but now it feels more comfortable and I’m getting amazing pick attack :grin:

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Nice one, I’ll give it a try!

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