Trilogy Arps lifting fingers?

Hi! Any thoughts on how exactly to approach trilogy 2 notes per string arps?
If my eyes are not deceiving me, Malmsteen is not lifting index and middle finger, like Troy does in his example.
Do you think that Malmsteen
a)has such a miniature lifting of fingers that it is invisible,
b) using right hand to mute (what kind of motion is that),
c) or any other ideas how to execute it in a cleanest way?
Thanks :slight_smile:


I’d go with A it’s one of the secrets of fast sweeping/arpeggio work. The right hand muting seems more applicable for 4+ string sweeps.

Notice Luca’s index finger on the sweeps with the same fret for three strings. lightly lift, while keeping contact with the string but letting the string clear the fret. Yngwie has higher action than you’d think and remember he’s playing with a scalloped board so light touch is a must.

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I struggled a lot with this and noted the same subtleties between what Troy and Yngwie appear to be doing. Very early on, I tried not lifting the middle finger but was never really able to feel an advantage to not lifting the the index like Malmsteen appears to be doing. Now that I can more or less play it (it still takes me more effort to get that clean than most anything else in Volcano) I lift all the fingers like Troy does. Edit: I also don’t do any muting with the right hand

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Thanks! That kind of licks (barre arps) are comfortable for me. Following that idea, maybe small movement to raise finger of fret is what should be the best strategy

If you watch the Gambale interview, you can get a great view of how to roll the barre to mute the notes after they’re played. Frank says you should roll the fingers “like a rubber stamp”.

It does require some muscular training if your fingers are too stiff, might take a few months before they start to bend properly.

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This is an exercise I came up with for the finger roll since it works out the index and ring fingers. Aim for the tip of the finger on the lowest notes. Musically this is in the key of A minor. Two octave Asus4 to one octave Aminor first inversion to two octave A minor. Pay careful attention to the G string.

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I always had the impression that Yngwie does not bother to lift the fingers in these sweeps, and just achieves note separation by right hand muting - so I’ll put my money on (b)

Now we just need to find a way to test this :slight_smile:

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