Trilogy: Marshall Studio Vintage

This is a single take without any edits, so I guess expect some bum notes lol. The traded solos with the keyboard are thematically similar to the original recording but modified somewhat to suit the YJM-isms that I was already comfortable with. The backing track is from the generous Vincent Rain.

The relatively budget rig that I’ve found to be decent for YJM tones is as follows:

  • 2017 YJM strat
  • Dimarzio HS4/neck, HS3/bridge
  • Fender YJM overdrive
  • Boss noise gate
  • in the loop: MXR 10-band EQ (to scoop the upper mids a bit and also to attenuate the amp), MXR reverb pedal
  • Marshall Studio Vintage combo SV-20C

The SV-20C is supposed to be similar to a Plexi circuit. Getting it cranked and a bit dirty on its own and then boosting it like crazy with a high-gain, “hard clipping” overdrive seems to work nicely with the weak DiMarzios. Then, to bring it back to bedroom volumes, I attenuate the preamp signal in the loop via the volume and gain sliders on the 10-band EQ.


This is bomb, sounded like his stuff for sure!


This is great @s_linste

Tone and playing are stellar, I can only imagine how much work it took to get to playing this so smooth.
I hope you post more and aren’t holding back!

The rig is sounding great, I’m very intrigued with the SH3/4 combo.
Thanks for sharing :beers:

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Really nice job here… excellent playing!

You have a 2017 YJM with HS3’s?

Did u buy it like that or swap out the fury’s?

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Thanks so much! Yes, I first swapped out the neck Fury for a HS3 and more recently put a HS4 in the neck and migrated the HS3 to the bridge. My subjective observations are that the old Dimarzios are slightly less midrangey and hence sound more liquid-y in the neck position.

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