Trouble loading video contents

Who else is having trouble loading the site video contents?
The site itself is really slow and trying to load videos is a nightmare.
Wondering if i am the only one.
I do have a pretty fast broadband and all other sites work fine


I am not having any issues with it and I just now checked for you. I do however have 150Mbps UP and 150Mbps DOWN speeds.

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You need to work on your speed :joy:

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Thanks for the report and sorry for the trouble here!

I’ve tried watching a couple videos just now, and loading a few pages on the site, and seems to be working normally. But I did hear a similar issue from one other person by email.

I suspect certain regions and/or internet providers may be having issues with Vimeo (our video host), or possibly internet slowdown more generally. That’s my best guess anyway, if it seems like mainly a video issue. Could be our main web host to some degree as well.

Definitely seems like there have been more issues lately with slow internet connections in general just because of the extra load due to so many people working from home etc.

Every so often we do see video playback issues related to old devices / browsers or slow connections, but in this case I think more likely the above. Anyway we’ll keep an eye on this, if others are seeing this issue as well let us know! If you email us we can get you a download of whatever you’re working on currently, to help in the meantime.

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Just want to add that I have also been having video playback issues. For reference I live in Australia and haven’t been experiencing any other net problems on other platforms. I suspect Brendan hit the nail on the head and its most likely a vimeo issue perhaps based on viewers regions. : D !


While this suggestion doesn’t address the root of the problem, sometimes this sort of issue can be mitigated by manually forcing the video player to use lower quality video (available in this case in an “options” menu by clicking the “gear” icon in the lower right of the video player. At least some of the videos on the site can be played in as low as 240p.)

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I too have had issues with the videos.

Sorry for the slowness! Where are you located geographically?

For anyone having issues, if you could let us know where you are, that might help us figure out what the issue is. If it’s specific to Vimeo performance in certain areas of the planet, we can at least try and check with them and find out if there’s anything they’re aware of.

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Hey Troy!
I live in Manchester, UK

I live in Denmark. ( Jutland - The Northern part of Denmark )

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Still really bad connection issues when trying watching videos.
Can we reach out to vimeo?

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Sorry about that! Yes we can reach out to Vimeo and see if they have any further insight on this.

Couple quick questions that I think would help (stuff they’ll likely ask):

  • what’s your internet speed?
  • what device / operating system / browser?
  • same result with different browsers? (I’d try at least two of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and make sure the browser is updated to latest version)
  • same result with videos directly on the Vimeo site e.g. ?

Basically just making sure we’ve ruled out any other potential issues. Let me know any detail you can and I’ll send Vimeo support a note later today. Thanks!

Still looking at this issue of video streaming. Just as a test, here’s a very simple web page with just one of the Frank Gambale videos on it:

If you’re having streaming issues, can you also hit this page and see if this video plays for you? And just as a point of comparison, can you check if plays any better than the same video in its usual location on the site:

We just want to rule out any interaction that the site itself (JavaScript and so on) may be having with the Vimeo player. Let us know.


Hello, Dimitris from Greece here…
I tried the test page and I was happy for the first 4 mins and then it started to have the above stated behaviour. I played it with both Chrome hardware acceleration On and Off and at Auto Quality (which resolved actually to 540p). Same with the normal video page. But today, I also saw the problem with a video on Vimeos site, so, it’s more likely that there is no specific problem with
It seems to me like there is a problem with vimeo player, because I have rearly encountered something similar with YouTube videos…Maybe a good comparison would be to upload the exact same test videoclip on your Youtube account, to check how that one streams…
One thing i noticed is that the video does not really stress RAM, but CPU !
So, maybe, for those of us with older laptops, Vimeo does not work after all…