Trouble playing in day

Might try here but I’m having trouble with hand sync and this is going to sound crazy but only in light or daytime… my sync seems better in darkness or completely dark and I cant seem to get that same sync when in light. I can do it under a blanket but when I’m in darkness like that my relxation my sync rhtym are all right. When I’m in the light the sync is gone and I feel tense and one or both hands feel fasterryan the other y

When there is light, what are you looking at?

When there is light, I look at my guitar same as night and my frettinghanda

my sync is best under the blanket complete darkness even without it at night my sync is like 80% there

I didnt use to have this problem before but I’m betting it was bad habits that built up or something else caused it.

Any chance you are a Vampire?

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That’s what I’m saying it didnt used to be this way before.

It sounds like you must be subconsciously doing something different when playing in darkness vs light!

When it feels like everything is in sync, try and be very conscious of how it feels, what your setup is, how you are generating your picking motion and try to replicate it as much as possible when playing in light. This act of recalling what you were doing when it was working over and over is how motor learning works when learning a motion. It sounds like you may be in this process but it’s hard to say for sure without a video :slight_smile:

I can send a video of my left hand in dark and light

You may not see a difference but I feel a big diffrence. Even mentronome playing for like an hour doesnt change my hands at all
Also I have tried meditation some but to no avail

It wasnt like this 2 or 3 years ago.

It’s hard to tell what’s going on without you being plugged in, are you picking or is this all legato? :slight_smile:

What was it like 3 years ago?

I’m picking buts its mostly legato and 3 years ago I could play in the day without my hand going stiff. I have old videos of my playing in the daytime if you want more

It’s really hard to say!

My guess is probably that you are doing something different without noticing but I’m not sure how helpful that is. I guess the important part is seeing if you can work out what has changed, sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

I’ll try it and see what happens.

Hopefully it’s not neurological