Trouble playing

I can shorten this but I’ve posted on here before about not being sync in the day where for some reason my hand and rhythm are fine under a blanket or in darkness. There may not be a difference filmed but I feel a diffrende

Have you tried closing your eyes instead?

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yes but it doesnt work for me and im now learning to not look at my hands while playing

You can see your hands under the blanket, right, except it is darker? So a blanket is effectively behaving like sunglasses.

I will have to try not looking at my hands but I’ve done it for so long

You can still see your hands under the blanket. So, why do you think not looking at your hands will help you? But I agree that you should be able to play without looking at your hands, because that way you will look more awesome giving a concert.

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From what I been told it off puts hand eye coordination or something. But my sync is not the same

But you still see your hands under the blanket. So why is there a difference with or without the blanket?

It feels diffrent where without it my hands are stiff unsynched

It’s like a switch where my hands feel completely relaxed under it

Perhaps the blanket:

  • removes visual distraction from the rest of your room
  • makes you warm and comfortable
  • limits the motion of your fingers (as they’re hitting it)
  • changes where you put your thumb (as I can’t really see it in the dark)

I’m not sure, but it’s interesting that you discovered the blanket in the first place… I would have never thought of it. Perhaps there is something that drew you to being under the blanket? If you can figure out why you tried it in the first place that might be a hint as to what the benefit might be.

As far as I’m aware this never used to be a problem before at all

The motion of my fingers feel instantly synced and relaxed

Same as it’s in darkness and not light

Nope, there is light in both cases, just less under the blankets. This is why I explained it is “as if” you were wearing sunglasses. Perhaps those artists that wear sunglasses at night are just like you! Try it!

I will try it and see if it works

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maybe because you don’t wana be judged by family? When I practice I really prefer to not have anyone judging. Otherwise I’m to caught up in trying to sound good and it effects my ability to relax.

Or it might be that the cover gives you extra feeling in your hands.

The cover does give me more relaxed feeling and I tried the dark sunglasses they were goggles swim but that seemed to work a little hit

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From what i see its perhaps a lack of comfort and foucus when you feel exposed, taking your mind to your enviroment, rather than on your playing. But this is just from my own experiance. Do you have family in the house? Maybe shut your door?

I find playing in the cold also takes away from my playing


I will try it out and buy some dark sunglasses as well

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