Trouble to analyze my technique (video)


Hello there,

I’m new here and fascinated by all the things I’m learning about picking technique since I subscribed.
I am mainly self-taught, and I realize I am applying some bits of this and that but do not use either UPWS or DWPS fully. At least I can’t relate to any example of guitar player I saw in the videos so far.

However, my picking technique works for what I do. So I’m probably doing things explained in the videos that I didn’t understand yet ?

I would gladly appreciate a feedback!


To me it looks like mostly upward slanting with a fixed wrist movement.
Sometimesit looks like you are you doing a bit of a downward slant on the downstrokes.


Great playing! Thanks for posting. For the scale examples you’re using a pronated crosspicking technique. This is the “Molly Tuttle” approach we teach here:

For the tremolo stuff, you switch to a downstroke escape (i.e. “upward pickslanting”) motion — still pronated probably, can’t really tell from this angle. We also cover these motions in the crosspicking lesson, since single-escape motions are included in the crosspicking motion. You can think of this as just the lower half of your crosspicking scale technique.

We posted a portion of the crosspicking lesson publicly over the weekend:

This is the part of the lesson where we show you how to look at your wrist and figure out what movements you’re actually making - that should clear up some of this. To fully understand both of these movements you’re making, I recommend watching the complete lesson on the platform.

In short, what you’re doing looks and sounds awesome, is being done perfectly, and I wouldn’t change anything! But becoming more aware of the superpowers you already possess can help you take more control of these movements and apply them to different kinds of phrases.

Nice work here.


Wow, thank you for this awesome answer Troy, and for taking the time to check my playing.
I will definitely look in detail the videos you mentioned!

Thanks for your work.


No problem! If you get a chance to film a slightly more “down the strings” view of your hand playing the same lines, you should the difference in the shape of the movement right away. If you do film that, definitely post it up here - I think that would be cool to take a look at.

After you watch the lesson, let us know if the motions are more recognizable to you. We’re in the process of updating the Pickslanting Primer with more details on all these movements, and we want to make sure it’s as clear as possible so that when players show up here and try to identify what they are doing, they can see something that “looks like me” in the lessons.


After watching the lesson, it is much easier to analyze my motions and understand what I’m precisely doing. Thanks a lot, that is exactly what I needed!

And as a newbie here I can tell the website is very well done. This lesson you sent me was just here in the “Getting Started” category, and for some reason I just decided to not watch it and instead go directly to the Pickslanting Primer after watching the introduction lesson.

I think that’s because I read “arpeggio” in the crosspicking lesson description and I thought it was only an arpeggio technique, so something very specific that I would maybe check later (I understand most people use crosspicking for arpeggios so it is not a criticism)

I will try to take the time to film a better view of my hand and post it here asap! :slight_smile:


Awesome, glad to hear it!

No, you’re right, this is great feedback. We know the long workshops aren’t exactly the ideal structure for getting through the intro material, and a better, clearer “Getting Started” sequence is one of the top things we’re working on improving over the next few months.