Trying to apply EVH tremolo technique on Highway Star's solo

So, I was wondering if this could be done and apparently it’s a good mix. Looking foward to practice it more often — this take has some issues with fretting hand, but it sounds ‘ok’ considering it’s my first try with an amplifier.

Does it look like I’m doing Eddie’s tremolo technique right? The right hand feels effortless, although I ran into some problmes while recording this — to get the best shot possible I used my left anckle to support the guitar and I was getting tired midway through.

Hope you enjoy it!


I’m not the best at this, but I’m gonna take a shot at it!

To me this looks more of a gypsy jazz setup/motion than EVH tremolo. EVH’s is more rotational I think, where as yours looks more of a straight line.

Sounds great though- I would stick with it. Especially if the stamina is there with no hardcore tension.

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I think of both techniques as interchangeable. To me, the main difference when it comes to application is the picking “grip”. Glad you mentioned Gipsy Jazz because this video is one of my inspirations to accomplish what I’m aiming for here.

Regarding that, I think it would be easier to see the rotational aspect of my tremolo picking if the camera was placed in front of me rather than sideways. Although I’d say “my rotation” is somewhat discrete when compared to Eddie or Gipsy Jazz players. The reason for that, I believe, is because I’m trying to get a more “precise” sixteenth notes sound rather than a “free-floating” tremolo sound.

Thanks a lot. Really appreciate it.

Yes, the idea here was mainly driven by stamina management. Only wrist or forearm movements can get very tiresome after the first run. The solo then becomes just an endurance test and it can get quite sloppy.

I think as long as you’re getting the speed, smoothness and sound to your satisfaction, whether it looks quite the same as Eddie’s or not is only interesting academically. One thing is that Ed’s last thumb joint bends way back, so unless your thumb does the same, your pick attack wouldn’t be the same as Ed’s if you replicated his arm setup 100%.

For what it’s worth, what you’re doing here looks pretty similar to my attempts to emulate Ed’s tremolo. I posted a thread with a video including that within the last month or so.

I feel like it’s almost there. The audio quality is quite bad in this one though. :slightly_frowning_face:

Dude, you ARE there. You’re playing every note clearly at speed. AND it looks like EVH style trem :smiley:

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That is sounding ace! Its one of those lines that is much harder than it first appears. Top job - where is the complete cover??? :grin:

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I’m going to record it eventually.