Twitch Guitar Fundraising Stream

Hi guys!

A little background: My daughter McScreechy and I stream on Twitch playing a game called Rocksmith. It’s like Guitar Hero, but with real guitars! It’s an amazing learning tool and, much like Cracking the Code, has a wonderful supportive community. This year TwitchCon is in San Diego, local to us. It also falls during my daughter’s birthday, so we decided to do a birthday stream and raise funds for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. She is a Type 1 Diabetic, so it is a cause that is very close to us. We invited a bunch of Rocksmith streamers from the community that will be at TwitchCon to come play with us. We will be doing a bunch of giveaways, including three chances to win a copy of the Pickslanting Primer! There will be a lot good music played, and some fun stream goals.

Screechapalooza starts this Friday 9/27 at 7:00pm PDT, and we will probably be streaming about five hours. We would love you to join us! Follow us on Twitch if you want to get notifications and updates, and I will also bump the thread before we go live!

Our Streaming Page
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Osbug and Screechy


This is going live this evening yeah? Good luck with the broadcast, hope it’s a ton of fun and a successful fundraiser!

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Tonight starting at 7 pacific! I believe the first Pickslanting Primer giveaway is a little over an hour in to the stream!

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