Two way pick slanting, rotating to and from preferring pick slant?

Hey Guys,

I’m trying to incorporate two way pickslanting because the lick I’m wanting to play is 3nps going from
E->B->G->D->G->D->E and I am trying to avoid swiping. So my original thought was to focus on sweeping but then I realized that even with sweeping, something different has to happen in order for me to escape the G string the second time around. So I’m thinking two way pickslanting but I’m not really clear on when to change my pickslant from DWPS (my preferred slant) to UWPS and back.

Based on some other forum posts and a couple videos, I think I should switch from DWPS to UWPS on the escape but should I be switching back as soon as I escape or like roll back into it over the course the next 3 pick strokes?

watching the vinnie moore stuff it looks like he switches on the last note of the group. so really try changing on your last note required to change strings depnding on your slant. This should set you up for the next batch.

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I’m not sure if there’s a uniform best practice or not here - I REALLY need to go back and spend some more time with the Antigravity seminar, once the cycling season draws to a close.

Speaking personally, my default orientatien is DWX/escaped downstrokes aka “upwards pickslanting,” and I can feel my wrist rotating when I need to use an escaped upstroke to facilitate a string change, but that rotation is really only for the duration of the note, I think, and my hand quickly settles back into its default orientation. That said, while my picking has gotten a LOT better since I’ve been here, there are others who are a lot better than me, so giant sized grains of salt, please. :slight_smile:

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I’ve had some improvement with swiping by taking a few minutes to just focus on the string change (just two notes) at a good speed - then incorporate into the full lick. Keep going back and forth a few minutes this then that. Give it a week or so to see if you are getting any benefit from the strategy.