Two way pick slanting Speed


Hey guys ! Hope you all are well. after doing lots of sweeping things now i m learning 2 way pick slanting… i watched the video Trial n error but when i m playing 3 note per string scale type things with 2 way pick slanting its sound good in medium kind of speed but when i trying to play that faster its feels like i m struggling a lot… can you help me out that how can i build up my D,U,D® / U,D,U® speed ! thanks in advance…


Do you find one harder than the other? Especially in one particular direction? I find D,U,DR much harder when going to the new string (higher in pitch), whereas descending on the rotate to a lower string seemed more natural. I then worked on trying to minimise the amount of rotate when ascending to the least amount needed and focused on the lateral movement across the strings, knowing that I wouldn’t hit it. Doing the above made it feel less ‘physically expensive’ and less tension was present.


isolate it to reduce the challenge somewhat. I like this pattern for practice in 16th notes (using whatever scale etc. I just picked the A and D strings at random)

A—5–7--8------------8–7 repeat about 100000 times

and one idea you can sometimes use is to make the challenge HARDER. for instance work on this one for a while…then when u come back to the normal one it feels easier


either way just go ahead and brace up for thousands of reps


Thanks… I think the Logic behind it that master in One lick at a time. its helpful .


well you can take one basic lick and spend like 80% of your practice time on it and then spend 20% on other stuff so you dont get too bored and you keep things fresh