TWPS or Swiping?!


Hi! I’ve been a Cracking the Code fan for a while, and some months ago I decided to start practicing TWPS; mainly with 3 note per string patterns (scales and random stuff). It’s been hard, mainy trying to play the scales starting with an upstroke (outside picking version?) but a few weeks ago I managed to find a way to play the more consistently. Here is the video (sorry for the painful bends and random stuff):

The thing is, I don’t really know what I’m doing. I’ve assumed that it’s TWPS, but sometimes it seems like i’m doing more of a “swipe” thing. In the same video (0:05 mark) I do the same pattern with “inside picking” (starting with an upstroke). Here is the slow motion version (inside picking at 0:20):

If anyone here knows how to recognize the difference between those 2 methods I would appreciate it a lot (and any advice/critique that you have is welcomed too!! :smiley: ).

Thank you in advance!

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I’m having a hard time making out exactly what’s going on here - taking your slow clip and slowing it down to 75% and 50% speed on youtube seems to be adding some latency, but to me, it looks like your pickstroke is holding a pretty static “downward slant” escaped upstrokes/buried downstrokes trajectory here, and that you’re swiping/sweeping on the way up from bass to treble, and interjecting a lot of legato notes on the way down.

That said - at tempo, it sounds good, so there’s that. :+1:


Thank you for the answer! I’ll upload a slower version later, with a better angle too…maybe that’ll help to see things more clearly


I think the video is probably clear enough, its mostly my ability to pick this stuff out and how I’m not sure I’m getting it right, lol. What would probably be more helpful is a tab of what you’re playing. :+1:

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Sure, any recommendations on software for tabbing? I’ve used guitar pro a couple of times, but I don’t know whether it is the “standard tabbing software” or not.


Yes Guitar Pro is pretty standard; the other to check out would be Soundslice — that’s what we use for the interactive notation on Cracking the Code, awesome modern tool for notation + syncing audio / video. See here for related discussion:

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