Uli Roth - Sails of Charon

I still want to get this up to speed! I think Uli does it around 112 BPM. I’ve been stuck in the 98ish realm for years.

Anyone ever learned this one? I’m not even sure if this is how he’s fingering the left hand.

0:13 - error / trouble
0:18 - slow and close up on right hand

(gah! I shouldn’t have used a black pick!)

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Cool stuff! I want to learn this one as well at some point.

Based on your other clip - the tornado of souls lick - you have a solid DSX motion. Would it be possible to rearrange these licks so that every string change happens after a downstroke? I’m thinking this may be possible by exploiting the extra time allowed by pulloffs etc., and perhaps changing some fingerings here and there. If you do that I think you’ll be beasting it in no time!


There’s a thread on how to do this:

For maximum Uli Jon Roth you should do 3-note-per-string patterns as downstroke-pull-off-upstroke; if you are feeling a bit more Yngwie then go for downstroke-upstroke-pull-off instead; if you are looking to DSX then maybe swap the up and downstrokes around.

There’s even a lesson on exactly this from Uli Jon himself in that thread!


sorry I didn’t reply sooner! really, really helpful. The only bummer is the key. Playing it in F stanks! Still, very validating. My own transcription of the notes matches this. Looks like plenty of wrist rotating is needed!

You can transpose the entire tab in the settings. Just shift it down a half step and you can play in E Standard if you don’t want to tune down.


oh! thank you!!!

This won’t actually work for inverting Uli’s picking approach, which is not a single escape technique. String changes can occur on both downstrokes and upstrokes. It’s really just 2WPS alternate picking with a legato slur in between.

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agree 100%. I’ve played this for 8 years and I can’t think how he’d do it without 2WPS now that I know what it is.