Universal Mind (Request) Really would apreciate "magnet" view

So, I’ve been struggling with the intro of Universal Mind - Liquid Tension Experiment since about 5 years
I know from watching John Petrucci that the first note is a down stroke, and from there on, it is all alternate picking. By doing that, to complete the first “cycle”, you have to return to the 1st string with an upstroke after a down stroke on the 3rd string, and that is the most difficult part to me.
Would be awesome to see a magnet angle of this intro. Please if anyone could help me with that, post here a video of you playing that.
Troy… it is a good reveal to make a special video on this one… this intro summarizes every challenge of alternate picking together.
Thank you!


this guy here seens to play with the same technique that Petrucci does (anchored pinky) but without the proper angle I couldn’t figure out witch approach he is using to attack the strings.

He talks about how you can use some economy, but the actual one is all alternated and them he teaches it. he starts alternating in 02:05 time

Hey @GuillySouza, thanks for posting and welcome to the forum! I really like this Petrucci riff, so much so that I may give it a shot myself :slight_smile:

That 13-20 stretch is pretty nasty though!

It is difficult to give specific advice without seeing your playing (and you are of course welcome to post a technique critique thread - filming instructions attached below). In any case, for the particular string change you mentioned, the string-skip may become a little easier if you make your picking motion a bit more “perpendicular” with respect to the string plane (“more escape”):


Let me know if that makes sense :slight_smile:
…and here are the filming instructions if you are interested

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thank you for the reply.
the image you posted is inverted, the last pick on the third string is a downstroke going to an upstroke on the 1st string.
about filming myself, I’ll give it a try. I’ll post as soon as I can.

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