Upload problem with mobile internet

Here’s one problem. I have not-so-fast mobile internet, and when I use it I can’t upload files to the forum. It just stops at some moment and resets like I never even tried to upload anything.
While other sites upload files (just slowly), CtC forum doesn’t let me to finish uploading.
Help, please ^_^’

What kind of file are you trying to upload? We haven’t enabled video uploads - only links to external sites like YouTube. If you’re talking about pdfs or images, I think we enabled uploads for those. I’ll leave that to @Brendan since he knows more.

Yeah PDFs and images should work, I think we enabled uploads for some common audio formats as well, maybe a couple other things like Guitar Pro files. Definitely no video just for size constraints. There is a max file size, something like 10 or 20 MB I think, but I would think you’d get an error to that effect if trying to upload larger files. Files in the few MB range should work, if you’re still seeing issues let us know / feel free to try a test upload here!

I guess it depends on a file size rather than on a file type. I had no problems with uploading GuitarPro files (~100kb). I had some problems with uploading images (~300-400kb), so I uploaded them after some number of tryouts. And I couldn’t upload MP3 files at all (>1mb).

It’s not like it’s disabled. It starts to upload, then after some time it just stops, progress line (the one with percents) disappears and that’s all. When I uploaded images I just tried again and again until I get them uploaded. Though it didn’t work with MP3.

Anyway, I found some solution - I guess I will use external hosting sites and post links instead of files until I get normal internet.

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Hmm yeah even on a slow connection, a 1 MB file should upload in a few seconds. If it’s stalling out I think most likely a connection issue, maybe not only an issue of speed but if it’s cutting in and out a lot that could cause problems. Haven’t heard any other issues reported about this but we can keep an eye out!

In my case it’s about 10-20 kb/s so it takes a little bit longer. I hope I would get good internet in a couple of weeks. So nevermind. Thanks for responding!

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Ah I see. Sorry yeah that’s rough, I’m actually glad you’re able to use the forum at all with that connection speed. It’s a fairly complex web app so I know it requires more resources in general than most site, at least for initial load, and I guess certain operations like uploads. Glad the workaround is okay for now, and hope you’re able to get some more reliable internet soon, good luck!