Upper arm in elbow motion

I’m working on elbow motion in a DBX context. What I’m noticing is that, along with the simple elbow hinge motion, I’m seeing a slight back-and-forth motion from my upper arm. So my right hand is not moving only “up and down” in relation to the floor, but very slightly “back and forth” from the shoulder, creating a slightly circular movement. It seems to be working, but I haven’t seen any mention of this anywhere else. Anyone else experiencing this?

It’s probably best to post a video to demonstrate what’s happening.
In general though, motion from the elbow joint alone will only move one way, in relation to the guitar, which is a dsx motion. Something else would need to happen to escape on upstrokes.
I’m not sure I’ve even seen an elbow based dbx motion.

Your biceps and triceps muscles cross the shoulder joint so some sympathetic shoulder movement is possible with elbow flexion and extension of the elbow.

I’m an elbow player, and I know that I’m playing incorrectly/inefficiently the second I feel my bicep getting stressed.
In fact I don’t even call it ‘elbow motion’, I think of it as wrist ‘throwing’ - to make sure the elbow and nothing else moves at all. Get a real sense of freedom from that.