Upstroke for DSX question

Hi all. I am very new to this, though I’ve played mandolin and guitar for over 50 years. I’ve always string hopped.

When using DSX, does anyone find themselves actually laying the pick against the string lower than the picked string on the upstroke?

I found that once I started doing this, I was able to get the motion much easier. Just wondering if I will regret this down the road…


Do you mean a rest stroke into the lower string? If so, it’s absolutely fine.

Yes, exactly what I mean. Thank you very much Tom.

I find when I don’t do this, I am usually back to string hopping.

That’s common for habitual string hoppers. Powerful rest strokes absolutely helps people to overcome that issue. Don’t be afraid to hit the strings hard!

Having just recently learned the rest stroke for usx via gypsy jazz picking with a supination pronation turning picking motion I found that it ingrains the picking articulation part of the phrase very fast and deep into the subconscious. In the beginning it was brutal when it was more conscious in my mind of me actually resting after every stroke. But after about 2 years now I see how the benefits of learning the rest stroke have given my picking much better consistency. It makes learning the articulation of phrasing very fast now, takes about 2-3 days then it is buried deep with me not even realizing all of the rest strokes that are happening. Now I have often wondered if doing this with dsx upstrokes would have any benefit. If you start doing it and notice it giving you better consistency with the added benefit of learning the articulation much faster let us know. I might have to start going harder on learning dsx picking.