Upward pickslanting and thumb position

Hi everyone. I have a quick question on upward pickslating.
Whenever I slant the pick into an UWPS position, the side of the thumb will rest on the lower strings. So e.g. when I am playing the g string, the thumb will touch the lower d string, a string and e string. The only time it doesn´t happen is when I am playing the low e string since obviously there is no lower string.

It doesn´t affect the overall sound of my playing, even though I will rarely hear a tiny bit of an unintended string ringing when ending a phrase.

So I was wondering whether this is the right way to do it or if there is any way around this.

Have a great week!

As long as it’s not messing up your notes then it’s not an issue.

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I do the same thing with the thumb and don’t think it’s a problem either.

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I do exactly that and its good. just think of it as built-in muting to some extent.