Using an iPhone as a metronome (with drums)

If you have in iPhone, note that it has Garage Band. Before, I ignored it, but it’s easy to set it to some BPM, drop down a virtual drummer, and optionally turn on clicks on top of that… it has become my favorite metronome, and I wanted to mention that in case others might enjoy it as well. (I do use other metronomes as well, but Garage Band is pretty good.) The iPhone doesn’t do strange time signatures, just simple ones (3/4, 4/4, and 6/8).

So I went in a similar direction for my laptop, it runs Logic X and I use that as a metronome, except I also record myself and listen back, I think it helps a lot.

I’ve concluded that I always need some kind of click track; some people have great rhythm, but not me.


I’ve used this iPhone App called Metronome+

I paid for the full version, it’s simple and handles any customisation you need.

edit: A click track is very essential for me to digest new patterns; but mostly just initially, I don’t find the need to practice stuff I’m ok with using a metronome, unless I’ve gotten sloppy or am trying to push my limits with something.

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I need a click track at all times because I need to teach my brain to always listen to the rhythm that is coming from somewhere else. I cannot imagine a case where timing would come from me (unless I became s folk singer🤣).

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My favourite is Tempo. Really clean interface, great sound set (everyone I know uses the Pro set) and simple to customise and build set lists. I only use it set to a single click for practice, but the full features are deep and a awesome, including basically time signatures and beat divisions.

I play in a commercial theatre show with probably some of tightest and most accomplished musicians in town, and we play the whole show strictly to a click. Hearing our drummer work with the click is a masterclass in rhythm every night, yet the show never fees rigid. Everyone can benefit from playing with one I think!