Using reverb and delay - how do you do it?

Hi peeps! Just wondering how everybody uses reverb and delay to acheive a wide variety of tones…

Before getting back into guitar, I mainly used delay to get ambient and solo tones (shorter and lower level for normal and faster soloing and a longer delay for slow, melodic and ‘soaring’ tones) - amp reverb was always used minimally (and always on) to give a little room and bloom to the tone. Since getting back into guitar, I have enjoyed playing with a bigger reverb on solo stuff and only engaging a delay for the mega melodic sitting on top of a mountain type tone.

I am looking to replace my TC G Force rack unit with something more up-to-date. The G Force has served me well, but I find that you really need to run a wet/dry rig to get the best out of it as it does not have analogue dry-through like a lot of quality pedals have today - I think that the a/d conversion in the TC is a little dated now.

I run a midi rig and want to play a lot of covers as well as my own stuff, so presets are important for delays especially and I want to be able to switch from simple ‘room and bloom’ to big ambient reverb and a decent shimmer/pad as a bonus. Given my tight budget going full on Source Audio Ventris Reverb and Nemesis Delay are a bit of a stretch. The GFI systems Specular Tempus looks like a good fit, but wanted to see whether any other options would be good to look at. I’m thinking that one or two cheaper reverb pedals might be the way to offset the cost of the ventris (as I’m probably not going to use all the reverb types on it) and still get the Nemesis which is a little cheaper to get hold of these days or something similar.