Using the elbow to play 3 note-per-string scale shapes

I was wondering if you can use the elbow primarily to play a 3 note-per-string scale shape? But I am also using economy picking to ascend and descend.

If I was gonna do it with alternate picking ascending I’d use a little rotation on the 6th note to manage the upstroke string change and either double the highest note or shift up a position to start the descent with a downstroke and keep my elbow position with no rotation so you get the easy mix of downstroke escapes and the swiped notes on the way back.

Economy picking I’m not sure, in theory you could do the descending no problem but ascending you probably won’t be able to use the same motion, not sure if any elbow based pickers could elaborate more?

Following the mantra “a video is worth at least 25000 words per second” :wink: , I suggest you take a look at Vinnie Moore, one of the greatest elbow pickers of all time.

In these (admittedly a little boring) picking exercises starting at approx 45 minutes in the video, you’ll see him tackle various different picking patterns across the strings (2,3 and 4 notes per string) using a primary elbow motion and some subtle auxiliary motion for the upstroke string changes:

PS: sorry, I could only find a YT version in potatovision quality.

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Well, THIS dork here used elbow for quite a while and found that one could use sweeps intertwined with alternate picking to pretty great effect.

Yeesh, I haven’t played like that since early December - I’ve since moved on to a wrist motion.


I wish that Vinnie Moore VHS tape would be transferred to DVD. I’d buy it.