USX Critique Request

Hi all, hope all is well. Been chipping away at the Pickslanting Primer Eric Johnson USX licks. Would anyone help critique my technique please?

I’d love to make sure I got it right - any help is much appreciated. Also, very thankful for this community. Cheers.

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Sounds good and looks like USX! Do you have any specific issues with it?

Thanks so much for the feedback Pepe! Been at it for about 3 weeks. Any tips on how to speed it up?

@PR007 Do you have a video of your max trem?

@Pepepicks66 just uploaded one. First is USX. 2nd is DSX. I feel a lot of the music I like lends itself better to USX. Thanks again!

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Well in general, I would suggest taking out most of the reverb when practicing, that way you have a clearer sound to assess things.

If you wanted to speed up, I would experiment first with bringing your forearm more parallel to your strings. That might require you to raise your strap a good amount, or sit down.

Thanks so much @Pepepicks66! I’ll give that a shot and see how it goes.

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Hey @PR007!

Couple of things:

  1. Your second tremolo example looks definitely DSX, I’d definitely encourage you to capitalise on that and start building a vocabulary of cool DSX phrases if you haven’t already
  2. Not sure if any of the examples above are really USX. But just to make sure, check if you can do a simpler USX example like the chromatic 1-2-3-4 or Yngwie 6s pattern on two or three strings, and see if the string changes work well at speed

In case you haven’t seen it I’m attaching our filming advice to get the best possible view for your next vids: Filming Your Playing – Cracking the Code

PS just in case you missed the recent update: if you want guaranteed feedback from us (the instructor team), you can make critiques on the platform now

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Sorry I missed this Tommo. Thanks so much for the feedback. I’ve been trying to master USX due to my pentatonic lick preference. Is it best to try to master one or master both USX and DSX?

Also, will check out the new platform! Looks awesome!