USX DBX Sandwich

Okay, I had actually completely given up on this sort of thing and was working on some sweep stuff, you know - doing the Frank thing and “leaning into the curves” to clean up my descending stuff and fix a hiccup or 2, and having some success and I thought to myself "self, I wonder if this would work with alternate picking? And it kind of does. USX ascending and DSX descending. Now if I insert a little pause in there where I do the change, I got this sucker and others like it up to about 160bpm no problem by doing that. Y’know, do USX chunk, change to DSX chunk, rinse repeat…

Feels like it could go quite a bit faster if I could get my crap together hahah (Basically every 3rd note an 8th if that makes sense?) I don’t know if it’s legal to insert a rest or extend a note, but it seemed to make a real difference in actually moving forward tempo-wise with the idea. I am a long ways off from it feeling natural, and the movements are pretty exaggerated I think, and of course there’s the slop… Anyways, that’s how I practiced it, but the video I went for “continuous flow” of picking…

So it’s at that shift from USX to DSX in the line that needs some love, any ideas on how to fix that? I feel like if I can kind of get that tidied up a bit this might open some different doors. More importantly let me know if I am barking up the wrong tree completely and should maybe just do legato lol

Anyways, I was kind of tired so my tempos at maybe 100? I’m not sure. I had both ideas at around 126 earlier tonight. And it’s kind of a mess… lol

Anyways, thanks in advance, guys.

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Hmm, it looks like the angle change is causing some pretty noticeable string hopping, and then causing a feedback loop of more sporadic angle changes.

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Ahhh so totally not anything. Good to know, lol back to giving up and sticking with what I know. haha

Definitely don’t give up! Keep experimenting with different things and eventually something will just “click”.


Oh I will keep throwing myself at it, I am stubborn as a mule - but it’s almost comical how often I’ve been like “hmm maybe THIS is the way…?” To realize shortly thereafter that nope, not the way. hahaha