USX downward-pickslant tutorial?

hi there
i went through all the primer course
correct me if i’m wrong here:
i think troy mentioned that yngwie for instant uses reverse-dart throw technique.
but, in the RDT tutorial, the motion taught there is with zero pickslant and DSX, as opposed to yngwie’s USX and downward pickslant.

so, if i wanna use the RDT technique but with USX (yngwie, ej) instead of DSX (wood, mclaughlin) - does it look like this? (video attached)
and also - is that an efficient movement as the DSX RDT?


what you are doing is more like this:

This would be totally OK to play Yngwie stuff and other USX material.

However! simulating the motion at a lower speed like you are doing here does not guarantee that you will be able to perform the same motion when you speed up. The only way to tell if you can really do the motion is to try and do it fast, filming your attempt with high framerate, and then analysing the video afterwards.

Or even better, open a Technique Critique on the platform so Troy or myself can take a look :slight_smile: