UWPS easier than DWPS for me!

Hi Guys, does anyone have a similar problem? I seem to be better at UWPS than DWPS. Have been aware of this for a while now and think it may be time to delve into the PS Primer soon.

As a newbie to the Forum I appreciate any pointers.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ve seen plenty of awesome players with UWPS, I wouldn’t consider it a problem at all!

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Thanks but I feel to be able to do both would give me more freedom. Also Upward sweeping is easier too, if I could do both then I’d be happier. Only half way there :slight_smile:

So you want to develop both concurrently? I don’t think I know of many players that do that (just my observation).

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OK, thanks. Maybe I’m looking for something that I will never achieve :slight_smile:

Hi, UWPS player’s here!
I can’t say that I became a decent DWPS player since I joined the forum, but I definitely developed some DWPS chops. So, if you think of it not as ‘changing my way of playing totally’ but instead as ‘adding something to my toolset’ it worth it to try!


Trying out all variations to see what works for you is what’s often recommended here. There probably is gonna be certain this that feel more comfortable to you than other. There are of course upsides and downsides with all different picking strategies so you have to take these into account when putting in the effort to learn something new.

Me, I’v been UWPS my whole life but have worked on DWPS since CtC started and now I can do both for different purposes. For me, I always wanted to do the metal rythm stuff and for most of that DWPS is whats called for. The interesting thing is that the DWPS I learnt here now feels more comfortable for most things than the UWPS motion I used to do all those years.

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Thanks, for me I think it’s relearning and trying to remove the bad habit. Mentally it’s easy to try but physically a lot harder for me anyway. I don’t want to let it beat me. But I may just have to realise it’ll take a lot more work to get there.

That’s interesting and very inspiring, thanks :slight_smile: Watching Michael-Angelo do his thing is where I’m targeting but it’ll be a long road and a big journey, if I only get to a fraction of that ability I’ll be happy.

Yeah, I do that too… primarily because I hold my pick like EVH and it doesn’t easily allow for DWPS. I’m fine with it, and it works, so it’s all good

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@bazamataz, quick note to say that we have updated our language as UWPS and DWPS did not fully capture all the possibilities that are out there.

Have a look here for an up-to-date description of all (or most of) the available options :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I can see how things are different by the diagrams and would say I am thumb down pinky up (Pronation) mostly. A new set of terms that I’ll try to get to khow :slight_smile:

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