Van halen, right now, intro on guitar

Hey guys, so I learnt this intro awhile ago and would love some criticism of it or perhaps advice to get it smoother. I really love the song Right now by Van Halen, though I’m unsure if the backing chords are correct, the drrrrummmmmmm parts, I did my best to transcribe it to guitar but I don’t know if there is a better way to get the backing chords to ring out and in the correct key, does it sound right to you?
I know the original is on keys, but I’ve almost no experience with keyboard and my ear is still pretty crap.

Does it sound correct to you?

I know the video is not the best. Apologies for that.
Maybe I should of put it in the theory section? I’m not sure how I can play the main key part with the backing chords as well. This is what I’ve come up with but I think the backing chords might be out of key.

There are also multiple ways to pick this, I went full alternate as its a great piece to practice alternate picking and it keeps things relatively in time. Also it allows you to hit the open strings for the backing chords.

The finger picked section is also rather out of time, to get the save groove as the original is my desire.

Hi, its pretty good (from what I remember). When players cover songs that have parts on other instruments, I think they have to make a decision between doing a note for note rendition (which may require more parts/instruments) or going for the right tonality and vibe, with only the main motifs in tact.

What are you going for?

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The note for note version, more as an etude than a full song as no way I can play everything, but the intro seemed like a fun thing to learn. And adding the backing chords that have to go right into the keys again has been akward but good for practice.

Its that pesky Bb in the bass note that is the main issue…

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