Vertical ergonomic mouse, is this the motion we are looking for?

Hello forum,

I have an actual joystick-like ergonomic mouse, and after watching the Primer update on wrist motion, I’m wondering, is this the motion I should theoretically aim for?

I’m not really sure whether I am properly using my wrist on this pseudo tap test or it’s just elbow and my wrist is just shaking as a by-product. What do you think?

Yes, I think that’s the motion you’re looking for.

When the pinky side of the palm is on the table, that should put your elbow in a different plane than your wrist, since the elbow can only move in one plane. In this setup, elbow movement would resemble rapidly smashing a button on the old arcade games (up and down on the table).

I think if you see your forearm moving back and forth (the typical visual indicator of elbow driven movement), in this posture, that’s probably shoulder/rotator cuff moving. I’d bet as you get more comfortable with the motion, or used it at a slower speed, you could dial that out.

I think it’s more about the general principle (the wrist feels easier to move along certain diagonals) than trying to be super exact.

At the end of the day you will:

  1. get an idea from the mouse of what a fast left-right motion feels like
  2. try to somehow translate onto the guitar while holding a pick
  3. test whether it actually feels fast and easy