Video playback issues with Joe Stump interview

Is anyone else having an issue playing the interview or clips? The interview doesn’t play and the debug menu shows no bandwidth coming through. The audio plays for the clips but no video. I have no problem playing other interviews and clips.

Hey sorry about that! Just tested and seems to be working normally for me in Chrome & Firefox on Mac.

What device / OS / browser? Can you confirm if you switch device and/or browser if you still see playback issues? We sometimes see the occasional Vimeo glitch or issue with older devices, but strange if it’s only happening for certain videos. If the issues continue let us know and we can look into it further.

Running Windows 7. It’s probably because I’m using an ancient version of Firefox - 51.0.1 :slight_smile: If stuff works I rarely update. Last time I checked it was the last version that worked with the addons I use.

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FYI, Joe Stump interview video working for me on Win7 x64 with Firefox 68.0.1.

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Thanks for the details. (Moved this to avoid cluttering the main Joe Stump topic)

Browser could certainly be a factor; I’d update if possible, or at least give latest Chrome or something a try and see if that works.

I wonder if OS could be an issue…just googled Windows 7 and found it’s ~10 years old and will be end-of-lifed in Jan 2020. Seems like it’s still popular though…do many machines not support latest Windows, or is upgrading just a huge pain in the ass? (We’re all on Macs so this is kind of a blind spot for us when it comes to testing.)

I don’t get why it’d be specific to just these new videos though. Perhaps Vimeo made some tweak to video encoding that only goes into effect for new uploads. From this page it does sound like your OS/browser should be supported though.

If the Joe Stump interview video still isn’t working, you could try the suggestions here and if that doesn’t help, you could send me the “debug key” + speed test results as described here and I can forward to Vimeo to take a closer look.

Debug key: e95aecce41194bced7dc749cbec27634c6209e351564168581 and no bandwidth.

But if I fast-forward a few seconds I get 14,280 Kbps and debug key

Guess it’s time to upgrade Firefox. The new primer videos have the same issue.

Thanks Ian. Just chatted with Vimeo support and does sound like most likely a browser issue. Updating the browser should be the simplest solution here. And can’t hurt to have another backup browser (e.g. Chrome) to test in case that makes a difference. Let me know if you still see any playback issues on an up-to-date browser!

Confirming, I got more detail from Vimeo and it seems this is related to a bug with Firefox specifically affecting Windows 7 and certain older Android versions. Something to do with the interaction of a default video decoder with the browser / operating system. And it affects only videos uploaded after March 18 of this year, when Vimeo updated some open source software they use for processing videos. So, short story, using a different browser should get around the issue for now.