Vinnie Moore shredding 80's style the other day

Vinnie Moore shredding 80’s style with his song In Control in 2023:

He still has some chops left up his sleeve.


Honestly, I’ve never been a huge Paul Glibert fan. I think he has some very impressive “alternate picking” chops displays on his instructional video (even if he is swiping sometimes), but I’ve never really been emotionally touched (other than stunned lol) by his playing in general.

Anyway, here is a very recent interview he did with Rick Beato in case anyone is interested:


Paul Gilbert is like if your weird uncle made cheesy pop music instead of rants about politics on Facebook.

I like his reinvention into blues rock slide playing from neo classical shred wunderkind.

As for Buckethead. His music runs the full gamut but his slower stuff that edges on ambient just does things to me.

I mostly only know Paul by reputation and a bit of Mr. Big but even seeing those early videos I really dug the enthusiasm he’s always had when a guitar is in his hands. The first and, until this site, only, song of his I’ve heard more than once is this one:

And I still think it’s great. It should’ve made me a huge fan. I don’t know why I never went down that rabbit hole.

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This is pretty accessible if you’re a rock/metal fan, especially if you’re a fan of Halford style vocals :grin:

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The Halford style vocals are my favorite part of Racer X. Makes sense their drummer went on to play on Priest’s best album.

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