Vinnie Vincent/Metal tech vid

VV has some unique techniques that are worrth looking at. His use of chromatic scales, odd time signatures. He has a very aggressive attack and some really cool ideas and phrasing. I think 4:45 is Vinnie at his best, soloing over the chord changes from “Ashes to Ashes”.
Not to mention the guy is a fantastic song writer, great sense of melody and composition.

That being said, his soloing, can be unnerving at times, and hes not for everyone. The sound of the upload, tone on this video doesn’t do him any favors.
Too much delay.

Thoughts on VV?


Holy death by delay Batman! I Couldn’t get passed the 3 min mark… I know that I should be watching for technique purposes, but the sonic onslaught was a bit much for my ears. Lol

Didn’t he get exposed for speeding things up in the studio? Like the original guitar faker?

I think he has some great songs, so I would study them but ignore his advice about technique. My favorite is enclosed.

Listen to that time of year, ashes to ashes…great stuff

No way… hes playing in the video much like he does on the albums. He has no problem playing fast. The sound on the video is over processed. The delay he using is ruining note separation with everything bleeding together.

If you listen to him play on the album’s, his sound is much better and articulate.

He’s a great songwriter and he has technique, the most impressive part to me is the hybrid picking. But, he plays too haphazard for my tastes. It’s too bad that he couldn’t get out of his own way with his career.