Vinnie Vincent, Swybryd

I know he’s been discussed multiple times, but I want to make a new thread on him.

I take back saying it might be mimed as It looks n sounds real to me. The song examples might be overdubbed

I really find his playing awesome, what do you think of him? And not his mental issues, his actual playing.

He seems to have his pick really far back into his thumb.
I see he’s doing DSX a lot with the middle finger as an extra pick like Swybryd. Just to be able to play like that inspires me to practice his technique.

I also love the extra notes in a scale he’s pointing out in his lesson.

Wow, what a great motion! Kinda looks like Dart Thrower, what do you think? His hand position reminds me a little of John Taylor.

His playing is a bit of a mixed bag, there are some really great moments when he is playing the more constructed solos but the initial intro jam was very noisy/sloppy and quite mindless sounding to me. Though to give him credit playing over one bass note and a drum machine has gotta be difficult.

If I’m honest I think I wrote him off as a player after hearing the first jam years ago, would be interesting to hear later footage of him and see if he further developed his sound and managed to tame some of the noise :grin:


I’ve not listened to kiss at all, so perhaps someone else can give their opinion on his more controlled stuff with them.
As far as I’m aware this is composed by him

It’s harsh n excessive, but I like it.

He doesn’t strike me as a great technical guitarist, but he has some awesome songs, where this is my favorite

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Thats a great one :grin: What do you mean he doesn’t strike me as a great technical guitarist?

I think he’s too technical? A lot of fast playing without much thought on the notes, but I still love it. I can’t play like that to save my life… atm lol. I think he’s got a really great technique for dsx. The pick being so far back seems to give a lot of stability and a comfortable feel you know. Tho I’m not a dsx player so maybe you guys who are disagree?

I think he’s controlled in that he’s not just blasting random notes. He knows where he’s going.

His playing isn’t as articulate as some, but that is also its own sound. Some people dig that.

I’m not a fan guitar tone where it sounds as if the treble and mids are dimed while the bass is at zero. It works for that style…but dang is it harsh.

That’s also got to be contributing to the sort of ‘sloppy’ sound. With a tone like that…there is no where to hide. Like looking in a mirror with fluorescent lights blasting… You see every bruise, bump, nick, boil and scar since birth.