Volcano 4s picking choices


Looking at volcano 4s and I notice it starts on an upstroke then follows an eco path until we hit the 5th note which If I were just playing I would have used an upstroke and continued on.

I get that this makes the rest of the run work well.

My whole goal is to drill things until I just naturally follow the right path.

If I tried that here I would have been wrong.

Point being If I were trying to improv I wouldn’t have came up with this choice because nothing clues me that I should suddenly break my eco stride.

So is it just a matter of this is a thing you must work out ahead of time Or did I just miss something that should have triggered me to break eco.

Probably just a matter of I need to watch a certain video again.

Any insight here?

Thank you


For reference

Sorry the guitar book is in the pic.
It has no bearing on this post


I think I get it now.
Everytime I backtrack and switch to a note on a lower (sounding) string I restart with a down stroke.

Hard to explain when you are me.
But I see it now anyway

So there is a clue that I had missed but can now hopefully learn to rely on it in the future to prompt me its time to deviate from eco

Here I have circled my restart notes
If you look at this image now the pick strokes are a very predictable patterns that repeat.

Even the number of notes before and after the reset are predictable.

Beautifully simple.

If nothing else looking at it this way is making memorizing this piece much easier.
1234 reset 2345678 reset 2345678 etc

For the sake of being thorough I ran the pattern starting with an upstroke and maintained eco throughout as much as possible and with a few escapes it appears to work that way as well.

Perhaps the resets were put here to accent the 2 and 4?


Hey sorry we missed this post earlier! Have you finished watching the Volcano seminar, or Yngwie section of the Pickslanting Primer? I think that will help clarify how this fits with the Yngwie DWPS (or ‘upward escape’) system…but definitely let us know if you still have questions about this!


No problem,
I think I talk my way through stuff out loud like this. Lol

What I have done is work on it as written and it is starting to effect my approach to other things already so Ill see where it goes.

I do need to watch entire seminars as well.
Thanks for the reply and I will keep ya posted if i get hung uo


I’ve always started the whole thing on a downstroke - did I totally miss that YJM et al. starts it on an upstroke?


I copied it from the site.
I hope I didn’t blow it. Lol

I have played it both ways now
And I really think the difference is almost none.

But im sure it was well thought out by whoever did the original transcription
So the real ramifications I don’t know

Feels purely academic to me.


i didnt reply cuz I dont know where that came from. Its not from the Volcano seminar AFAIK.

That UDDU doesnt look like a Yngwie pattern, looks like a Rick Graham thing maybe

in the end, whatever works


Its from here in the pentatonic puzzle,
Power of fours section.

I do have a question about posting this link.
Am I allowed to link to stuff here like that?

Im not sure since its a pay site. Im going to assume its only visible to people with the proper membership privliges.


Sure, feel free to post any link from the site. All pages should show the little link preview here, but depending on the page if it’s material only accessible to members, everyone else will see the “You’ve Hit Masters in Mechanics Material!” login prompt.


I should definitely stop handwriting copies and posting pictures like I did here.
Sorry, that just dawned on me.

Ill see if I can delete them and just put in the link so the thread still semi makes sense.

I say semi because I rarely fully make sense.


Trying to find ways to use the volcano 4s and here is something that works.
Not ground breaking but

Just play the first 8 notes and jump an octave and repeat.

The pick pattern stays intact but you
Are in a new area of the neck.

Infact if you start on the low e 12th fret you will end on d fret 22 of the high e where you can get that nice bend to e.


I really love that by working the provided materials Im able to transfer it to real world application.

That first upstroke is no longer uncomfortable and in fact it has become my preference.

Here is how I used the info to work these 4s on 2nps pentatonic.

I use dwps mostly
Every 8 notes as indicated by the asterisks I switch to uwps to escape just long enough to make the next note then revert to dwps

The question remains will I ever achieve blazing speeds with this one.
I can already do it moderately fast so
If I buckle down Im sure I will get them to be as fast as I need.

Not sure if that escape will be a problem at warp speed though

After playing with this pattern for a few days I still like it for slower to medium playing but im sold on the three note per string shapes if I expect any kind of speed.