VR Guitar Motion Capture


What exactly is it? How does it work? The description says, “Imagine a world where a live 3D model of your own hand gives you instant feedback on your playing technique. That world may be closer than you think!” Just how close might this world actually be?

Also, in the Teemu Mantysaari Live 2018 interview, there is a demonstration of the hackmotion golf sensor, and @Troy also briefly mentions an arm band that measures emg muscle activity.

What all kind of technology is there like this, at the present time, for home use.


This is the Leap Motion sensor - it’s a game controller. You can buy it for $70 bucks on Amazon. However support is limited mostly to games with VR headsets, and it only does wrist and fingers, no arm. The VR / mocap market is super competitive and t’s unclear what kind of future the company has.

The Hack Motion thing is also for consumer use, but it’s priced more for teachers at about $800. The app is nicely done, as you saw in the broadcast, but it only records golf swings.

The emg armband is called the MYO. I believe it was a Kickstarter project originally. Very nicely made device but only identifies gestures, like pinch / swipe and so on. I believe it’s now officially dead. The company appears to have moved on to smart glasses, like Google Glass.


Thank you for answering my question. Much appreciated. Happy Picking!