Waiting for my Cracking the Code branded picks


well you know I would buy some of them you know, a set of 5 or 10 would be lovely just to see that bad ass but geeky logo on it


engraved logo would be lovely since printed ones wear out


Not a bad idea :wink: We’ll consider it, could be a fun thing to add to the online store as well as have on hand for giveaways etc. Any other Cracking the Code merch ideas, let us know!


Yes! Of course that was my plan! Find ways to support this amazing thing you have in your hands. Nobody had approached guitar technique like Cracking the Code.


Stickers for guitar cases!


Certainly a good idea. btw… you may want to consider having troy make a ‘signature’ pick or something. Something that he can make a video about and ‘endorse’. I guarantee that someone like BHL will be more than happy to help with this.

Or, since I have a feeling that there are members of CTC that are technically capable… you can make your own independent line of picks. (if you do… make sure to make a ‘Hamster Pick’, it’ll sell like hotcakes)


High-quality vinyl stickers that can go on [or off] laptops or guitars, roughly like this



Troy Grady bobbleheads :wink:


I wouldn’t mind a t-shirt with your guitar bridge “Cracking the Code” logo on it :+1:


I’d definitely love to buy one of these.