Warning about Andy James Guitar Academy

Just a heads up for my fellow guitar players: I made a one time $40 purchase from Andy’s site several months ago, but earlier this month I was mysteriously billed by them again (for $79). I tried contacting their support to see what was going on, and 4 days later I have heard nothing from them whatsoever (they guarantee a reply within 48 hours). I have since done a little perusing on the web, and there are a ton of complaints, so this fraud has been an ongoing occurrence.

I think highly of Andy’s playing, but this is really criminal.

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Some of these reviews are troubling indeed. I would block them via PayPal until their support department finally processes your cancellation request.


Update: after a week with no reply, I figured I would try contacting them one last time before going through the hassle of calling my bank. I was a little more hostile in my wording (still entirely factual and fair) and they got back to me within minutes and issued me a refund. So good on them for that, though this still should never have happened in the first place and they should figure out the issue on their end.