Warning about Andy James Guitar Academy

Just a heads up for my fellow guitar players: I made a one time $40 purchase from Andy’s site several months ago, but earlier this month I was mysteriously billed by them again (for $79). I tried contacting their support to see what was going on, and 4 days later I have heard nothing from them whatsoever (they guarantee a reply within 48 hours). I have since done a little perusing on the web, and there are a ton of complaints, so this fraud has been an ongoing occurrence.

I think highly of Andy’s playing, but this is really criminal.

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Some of these reviews are troubling indeed. I would block them via PayPal until their support department finally processes your cancellation request.


Update: after a week with no reply, I figured I would try contacting them one last time before going through the hassle of calling my bank. I was a little more hostile in my wording (still entirely factual and fair) and they got back to me within minutes and issued me a refund. So good on them for that, though this still should never have happened in the first place and they should figure out the issue on their end.


Made an account just to comment on this. I’ve got a lot of helpful information on who is actually behind this (his name is Nick Able), and AJGA has been around for a while so I figured a lot of people have been taken advantage of at this point. This will continue until more people are aware.

Like OP I am also a huge Andy James fan, and I’ve had the opportunity to talk to him about who is actually behind the site. AJ has said he left the site around the time he joined 5FDP, so he actually doesn’t know what’s going on with the site anymore. According to him, Nick Able is running the entire site now.

They are friends though so I’m sure Andy is at least somewhat aware of what’s going on. It is infinitely more likely that the extent of AJ’s involvement is more like he just kind of turns a blind eye to it, since he is legally safe because he is no longer involved with the site (this is just according to him and under the assumption he wasn’t lying to me).

It’s still not right but at least the situation is more understandable in that context. I doubt he knows the extent that Nick is blatantly trying to scam unwitting customers on his site though, seeing as he doesn’t even do it well.

For anyone in the future with problems with AJGA, get in touch with PayPal and make a case in Resolution Centre, they have these situations covered as part of Buyer Protection. Make sure you do it within 6 months of any erroneous charge/funny business.