What about the "Much-Stang"? (22"5 scale guitars)

Hello @Troy,

I was very (very) interested in your project on building the right sized guitar for little handed players (let’s say not that tall persons) but I do remember that you didn’t posted any further video since the first one, maybe 3 years ago now ?

I am 1,72m sized. Not the smallest man alive, but still I feel a bit small handed for a majority of guitars, particularly my given-for-birthday Jackson King guitar … I am seriously considering the question, and build my guitar on the right size (especially for the neck).

I think i’m not the only one being enthusiastic to know what’s next. Please give us some spoil if you have. :sunglasses:


Hi! That was a cool project but in the end is was much simpler to buy one of the many used 22.5" scale guitars that already exist. You can find Musicmasters, Duo-Sonics, and Mustangs on Reverb all the time. I have two of these now, and you can find a couple videos about some of the upgrades to them in the “Channels” section, under gear.

To clarify, I don’t play these guitars for fretting hand reasons. I don’t use really large stretches, and I almost never reach beyond five frets. In fact, once you get above the 12th fret, it can be more comfortable to play a 25.5" guitar because it’s not as crowded. Instead, what I prefer is that the neck is shorter and the bodies are smaller, since they were originally designed for students. The overall effect is that the entire guitar feels smaller and more ergonomic (less reaching, more natural playing posture, etc.) for smaller players.


Alright. Thanks for reply. :slight_smile:

I’m now searching for the good deal. I’ve first been looking for low-price mustang-like and middle-price japanese ones, and what I read make me feel a bit cold. The “Fender Dynamic Vibrato” bridge does not let the strings in tune when used, even slightly, and make them buzz. I was wondering if replace the actual bridge by a classic one worth, but in this case, It will cost much more than a standard guitar checking…

It seems that you have the same bridge on your Fender Mustang, and though you don’t use the vibrato stick, did you felt any tuning problem with that ?

By the way, don’t think I am searching for the 100% clone of your guitar, but yours sounds great and you seem glad of it…

The Japanese models are not 22.5" scale, they are 24" like a standard Mustang. If scale length is your concern, then a standard 24" scale Mustang will feel very similar to a Les Paul, so you don’t even need a Mustang. You can choose either one and get a similar range of fretboard stretch.

If you want a smaller scale length, and a smaller body, then you want a Musicmaster, Duo-Sonic, or “student scale” Mustang from the '60s. You can identify them because the last fret on the board will have the dot inlay. If the last fret does not have a dot, then it’s 24", not 22.5".

You can find them used for between $700 and $2000 on Reverb.


The dot on the last fret is because of the number of frets which is 21 on the older Fender Instruments, right ?

Well, I really don’t understand why every reissue of these are 24" scale and not 22"5 anymore. It’s like small players were not existing. As you already said.

If you had to choose one between your mustang and your Musicmaster (if i’m not wrong) which one would prefer and why ?

Another option for getting a shorter scale gutiar, though it may reduce tuning stability, is to simply slap a capo on a longer scale guitar.

I don’t have any particular blanket preference. This is all based on what you’re looking for. For example, if you want that chunk heavy bass, then reach for the Les Paul…

I really want a 22’5" scale guitar. I love the Fender shape, both for the neck and the body, like Duo-sonics, musicmasters and mustangs. Plus, the idea of getting an authentic 60’s Fender is obsessing me more and more. the scars marks here and there, silent witnesses of a long and loud passionate story…

@Troy I watched your video about your Musicmaster Mods. Could you talk a bit more about it ? :blush: Even before fixing noise issues and replacing pickups, the bridge pickup and pots are not the original ones, and the toggle switch has been added, is it from you or you bought it with these mods ?

I’ve never been into modding and wiring guitars, I’m gonna check out tutorials as you advised me. I have found a quite price worth Musicmaster, she is very nice looking, and it is a pretty delicate thing to find these original 60’s Fender short scale in France, especially for an “affordable” price.


Fyi good looking two-pickup 22.5" Musicmaster on Reverb for $695:

I’m affraid to say … It’s too late :’( (I just came to meet the guy last week-end and bought his baby)

I can’t believe it … there is already most part of the mod job done, why is this guitar even for sale, she is just killing …

I’ve been looking around for a week at least for nothing so worthy at that price, what was wrong … :expressionless:

Anyway, thank you for sharing, hope someone will jump on the occasion !


Hi ! I am converting my Musicmaster into a Duo-sonic, and I am searching for a 3-way toggle switch to put on the route of the guitar. The problem is that most toggle switches are designed for Les Paul, which are bigger so they does not fit properly to a Musicmaster. Is your musicmaster Toggle switch an original ? There is still mini toggle switches, where everything is hidden in a small box, but I read they are cheap and short in life … any idea ?

I don’t know if my black guitar is a Duo-Sonic body with a Musicmaster neck, or a Musicmaster that has been converted. And I don’t know what an original toggle switch looks like. I just saw a guitar with two pickups for under a thousand bucks and bought it!

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Straight and clean answer ! ^^ Don’t you even remember how does yours looks like ? (we can’t see clearly on your modding video because the camera isn’t focused on it, but it looks like a straight and regular sized one … there is a black rubber on it, just for make it even easier to guess :pensive: )

That’s funny. I bought my Mustang pre-cbs mar 8 1965 neck for $15 in Fullerton California back 1997. I got lucky I guess. I’ve been using it as a practice/learning guitar. I remember you could buy them on eBay for like $300 5 years ago and they’re becoming scarce. I’m happy to have bought mine back then. I didn’t even know what it was until 7 years ago. I’m thinking of buying 2 more for my daughter and I. I love the scale size on these. I do agree that they aren’t the best for chords, but for lead they’re amazing. Thanks for the link @Troy !

@Troy, since you have 2 mustang necks, 22.5 and 24, do you prefer one over the other? Do you have a favorite? Any pros and cons based on your needs and preferences?

I have a 24 that I love to use and I’m curious to hear a little more of 22.5 from someone who’s used both. Thanks.

Hi Pauly - my thoughts further up the thread are pretty much it. I don’t have super strong feelings the neck itself. It’s the small body size and the 22.5" scale together that make the whole guitar feel smaller / appropriate for my body size.

Whoops, missed that one. Yep, that all makes sense, thanks!

Another nice cheapie popped up in my feed. Refinish in cool surf green for $750:


Damn, damn, damn I missed that sale! That red Musicmaster was the perfect size and color all the way around.

I need one like that. I’ll be looking in reverb.com now as I’m seeing a few gems on there.

These pop up all the time - if you’re patient you can usually find one for around a grand or less. Anything with mods or a refin will drop the price, which I’m fine with.

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