What Code lick are you working on?


Anything goes from the entirety of the series, free content or not.

  • What lick is it?
  • Are you shooting for the goal tempo that Troy has, or faster/slower?
  • Any reason in particular why you have picked the lick? Is it to rectify a weak technique area, or is it just cool to you?

Asking because I’m currently looking for new idea after I polish/wrap up the Pop Tarts Lick at Troy’s tempo.

Have a good week guys.


Do the Pickslanting Primer Intro next.


Any reason you recommend this? I can’t see the Primer without buying it. Is it more pedagogical or does it have licks?



I think you can see it for free?

It’s got a touch of economy/mini sweeps so would make a nice change of pace after Pop Tarting for a bit


Woah how did I miss that? Amazing sounding lick, I need to check this out. Thanks man.


Aye it absolutely rips.


I’m working on the six note chunk ascending/descending


I am trying to get the down/up/rotate “chunked”.


The X-picking runs. Specifically the 3 string rolls. Slow progress… but it’s getting there.


I spent the last couple of weeks working on 902-type licks, spurred by the fact that I already have some (accidental) crosspicking chops. But I was working on ascending sixes yesterday afternoon, and really nailed it, and realized… I hate the sound. Too mechanical for me. Not swoopy enough. (standard disclaimer: not a value judgment, just a sudden realizing of personal preference)

So I’ve decided to set myself to really work on developing a DWPS-only vocabulary, so I’m going through every DWPS-related interview and lesson and picking out licks that seem cool and different and trying to put my own spin on them. This includes some Shawn Lane stuff, UDL seems like a fun trick.

Turns out I can do ascending mini-sweeps/economy pretty easily and smoothly, but the weird “haha start on an upstroke now, noob” stuff (like upside-down Gilberts) gives me a hell of a time, something to do with heavily supinated tracking or something. :frowning: