What Do I Need To Learn?

Hi everybody,

Im Joris, live in The Netherlands and am a member for a while now but I have been working on my picking off and on.

I love the CTC method: I have a lot more trust and insight in my own picking now. I have discovered that I am a downward pickslanter. I am, however, still figuring out how I need to approach TG’s method. My goal is to pick smoother, faster and play phrases/licks that have an odd number of notes per string (as I cannot use the USX motion).

In short: what do I need to learn? Do I need to learn how to upward pickslant for whem I am playing licks with odd numbers per string? So do I need to learn how to mix USX and DSX when it’s neccesary? How do you USX-users get around this? And how do you mix hammer-ons and pull-offs with USX/DSX?

At the moment I try to incorporate some economy-picking (i.e. ‘cut’ the string through to the next string when i am ‘trapped’ ) like Eric Johnson also does, but I don’t really like it as i have the feeling that i am losing a lot of control and dynamics in my picking. Also this doesn’t work for string-skipping. If I need to skip strings i use some sort of string hopping/double escape motion.

I would really like to know where i should focus on and which videos/exercises are helpful for me.

Thanks in advance everyone!



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The shortest possible answer is: the music that you like :slight_smile:

Every person will have a different musical goal, so it really depends on your priorities.

I think the following resource may help :slight_smile:

Also, feel free to post a video in Technique Critique if you want to have more personalised advice - instructions attached!

Thank you! Will try the video and figure out what works for me! If I’m really stuck I will try to upload a video.