What do you think about my composition

Short story first: I’ve been dreaming about playing the piano and composing music since I was 7 years old. I heard classical music and a pianist giving a concert at that age and it changed my life forever. I always heard melodies in my head, but haven’t had the chance to study piano until I was 15 but I’ve chosen guitar instead for some reason. 1 year before I moved to the UK, my sister bought a keyboard and I could bribe her and I borrowed her instrument. I’ve spent all my freetime trying to materialise my ideas, and recorded tons of instrumental songs.

I shared one on YouTube, after cutting a video montage using the scenes of a movie I’m not proud of at all, but the composition and the playing is mine. As I was not a pianist, I spent a lot of time re-recording individual small parts to make it sound perfect. I can play this song by now, as I spend some time playing the keyboard since September too.


Oh yeah I was gonna ask about this! Very beautiful - but I must admit I am not a fan of that movie :rofl:

And wow it’s got 29M views!


I am a cheap bastard - I don’t use my phone data for streaming at all. I wanted to take a listen to the first 30 seconds or so of this ,but ended up listening to the whole thing. If that isn’t an indication for how much I enjoyed it, I don’t know what is.

Bad news - I’ll be forwarding my phone bill to you! :grin:


Not too far behind to you, 5 percent batt on my phone, the power is out here, the composition is beautiful.

Great that you can now play it. If I had the money I’d buy you a keyboard. I kave a mini to track drums, it never occurred to me to play it like a piano! Thanks for sharing this.

Edit: that was inspiring, I’m going to try and play a bit of piano. It never occurred to me to play it as a piano, was using it for tracking drums, akai mini. Thank you :blush:


Not a criticism of the composition all, but I would love to hear a version that has some orchestral instrumentation at the most dramatic parts - it would be a real intense experience!


so that’s how you afford all that gear @gabrielthorn


That was a great piece of music! The music really fits the Twilight theme, well done!
Have you written more stuff?
I bet you would be able to compose some stellar guitar centric pieces as well!


Thank you all for your comments.

@tommo I’m not a fan of the movie either, although the first one had a vibe I could resonate with so I decided to cut the video using the scenes. It was winter, Christmas day, I was alone, and it just happened.

@PickingApprentice Unfortunately I can’t even cover my own bills, I wasted all my money on gear and board games :smiley: I can’t really do orchestration, I know zero theory, and arranging stuff for an orchestra seems more complicated than quantum physics for me.

@standnshred4eva I haven’t received a penny from youtube, as the movie is not my property, so they receive all the money instead of me. My gear is something I spared money for, for a long, long time.

I have a lot of piano compositions, but never shared them. Mainly, because I’m not a pianist, and I’d also rather create a video where people can see the person behind the keyboard.


This is absolutely wonderful and brilliant ! I love how melodic, gloomy yet beautiful at the same time. You made the movie seem a whole lot better too lol.

So since you left so much “space” for other instrumentation , I would like to also see what it would be like with some bass run fills on the left side of the piano, particularly around 3:20 ish? U do have some space to have fills in moderation. Also, having some cellos in there to fill up that low end space. Not saying adding more is better but sometimes you gotta hear how it’s like to know if its better.

What kind of piano did u play this on? or midi/VST library? Great work keep it up!
You’re pretty phenomenal at the piano! Really loved the tone, atmosphere , melody and how u played it :slight_smile:

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this is magnificent work. beautiful.

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