What does double escape motion feel like in the right hand?

Hey everyone! For people that can double escape pick pretty well, what does the motion feel like in the right hand? More specifically, do you feel parts of the strings rubbing against your palm? I’ve tried a bunch of different hand orientations with little success - now I’m trying to pick with my wrist on the bridge and I can feel the back palm of my hand rubbing against the bridge. Maybe because I’m using some elbow? I’m not even certain that this is even a “good” motion and I’m certain double escaping yet but just wondering what other people feel in the right hand - thanks!

It depends if you use flexion and extension of the wrist, a kind of pecking motion like knocking on a door, wrist rotation, like turning the door knob. Or both.

At high speed it blends into back n forth shaking feeling, the whole hand and forarm kind of tensed up, but thats only because at high speed your muscles don’t have time to relax so they are constantly under tension. All those little motions happening but blending into a tense back n forth.

So you can’t really feel the little motions much, it mostly feels like rapidly hitting a video game controller button. If you’ve ever played a game that requires a button to be pressed rapidly you tense up your muscles and get that vibration action going.

I guess it really depends how fast you’re playing.

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It depends which technique you’re using to do this, so there is no single answer to this question. There many combinations of joint motions that can play lines that require both upstroke and downstroke string changes within a single phrase. On top of this, not all of these methods actually involve making a “double escape” pickstroke all the time.

If you’re asking this question because you want to know if you’re doing something correctly, you’ll get the best answer by making a Technique Critique post with video of your playing. But a good rule of thumb is that if you’re trying to figure out if a motion is correct, it should be physically and mentally easy when performed at speeds which would be realistic for the technique. If it’s not, or you can’t reach realistic speeds to begin with, then it’s possible something’s not right.

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