What future content is planned?

What’s going to be the focus in 2021? What are you all working on these days? :slight_smile:

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We’re hard at work on a lot of stuff! In the shorter term a new interview is on its way. For the longer term - let me have a chat with @Troy and @Adam to check what makes sense to reveal at this point :wink:

Not trying to be mysterious - it’s just that it can be counterproductive to announce something when we are not 100% (or at least 90%) sure how long it will take :slight_smile:


Sure I get that, but you also sell yearly subscriptions and my renewal is coming up :stuck_out_tongue:

No problem I understand :slight_smile:

So here’s what’s coming up in the short term:

  • Troy and Adam are working hard to add some new video lessons to the Primer before Black Friday. The aim of these is to summarise in video format the huge volume of “Picking Motion” webpages that we recently put up. This should make the primer much easier to understand / use /navigate.

  • Also before (or around) Black Friday we’re trying to set up a Magnet pre-order system.

  • Finally, the Bill Hall interview will soon be added to the MIM interview list. This is 99% done but needs some final checks. Chances are this will be added a little after Black Friday.


Thanks for the update Tommo. I’ve been looking forward to the Bill Hall interview.