What grip pairs with what arm position?

So I’ve read in several points about the importance of using the right grip that pairs with the right arm position but have never been totally clear about which combinations it is.

Someone who can explain this further?

For wrist motion, the matches are: Pronated arm is trigger style. Lightly supinated trigger style. Medium supinated extended index grip. Max supinated middle- and three-finger grip. These all produce the “no pickslant” situation that makes each of these arm positions be the center point of your motion options, allowing all three wrist motions to happen with the appropriate pick attack: USX, DSX, and DBX.

If you were to use a max supinated arm position with an extended index grip, this would give you downward pickslanting which is fine too. But then you could only make a USX motion. If you tried to do DSX with this setup your upstrokes wouldn’t work. You could do the motion, but the attack would be screwed up.

For more details on this, refer to the Primer tutorials like this where I run through various pairings:

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Thanks for the clarification! When you say “no pickslant” do you mean that the pick is not slanted in any way? I i use the extended grip with no pickslant my arm position is much more lightly supinated. Any idea why this is?

This is all super theoretical. I’ve seen your Technique Critique thread. You’re using trigger grip and that requires the least supination and you’re doing it correctly. I recommend not spending another moment worrying about any of this!

Ok! Now im using a more extended grip which I’ve been using in the past and is my preferred grip.

Yeah i know you said in my critique thread that I shouldn’t worry about it. I still feel my picking is lacking though. How do I improve it further then?

You’re gonna have to be more specific than that!

Yeah sorry. What I mean is I feel like I know most things about movements, grip etc. taught here at CtC but I’m really struggling to actually improving my lines that I’m practising. It can feel quite good one day or even several days and I think I’ve got the feel for a certain motion. Then the next day it dissapears and can be gone for a week.

This has been goin on for like 3 years and I’m going slightly crazy because I never seem to make any lasting improvement.

I guess my question is how do i practise my lines and actually make lasting improvement. What’s the method. How do I know if I’m doing it right?

What do you mean by “good one day” and “dissappears” on the next day? Do we have video of what “good” looks like and “disappears” looks like? Because not all problems are created equal. And not all problems even exist, or exist to the extent we sometimes think they do.

I’m not saying you’re already playing the things you want to play, but I am saying we have to be more specific in describing what specifically is not working because if we can’t, then we can’t fix it or at least notice when it’s getting better.

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