What is being played here?


I’m trying to understand the guitar part being played in the song ‘Without Walls’ by the British prog band IQ. (If you haven’t heard this album or band, you’re missing out!)

The guitar part I’m interested in starts at 3:21 (the seven strokes), then at 4:00 (4 strokes) and 4:10 (8 strokes). It sounds like power chords but I’m not sure what’s going on. Can you listen carefully and help?


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Here’s what I heard after a quick listen:

3:21 palm muted F# power chord
4:00 palm muted single notes (0-2-4-2 on the A string)
4:10 palm muted single notes (2-1 on the G string, 2-4 on the D string, 2-4-5-4 on the A string)

Hope that helps!

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