What motion is this?

I’m wondering what motion I am using. Any suggestion, ideas and observations are much appreciated. I am also wondering with what chapter of the pickslanting primer I should occupy myself for next few months.

This either didn’t link correctly or is set to private.

Hey thanks for responding.
That’s odd. The Video is set to public. Anyway I’ve uploaded it to youtube now.

Can you upload a view from the front? It looks like a wrist motion from this angle but I can’t tell if there is some elbow motion as well. It also looks you are fighting the strings a little and the motion itself looks perhaps trapped? Can you play any USX phrases with this motion? :slight_smile:

Does it feel comfortable and easy to do? Can you make perform this motion for any longer than in your video, say approaching 30 seconds? If your gassing out because you can’t do it anymore that would be a sign that the motion is incorrect.

I would broadly categorize this as wrist (might be wrist plus elbow, as alluded to above), and I think the motion itself is fine, just the pick attack needs to be smoothed out. It’s hard to tell if it’s escaping at all, but you could potentially think about that after smoothing out the attack. I’d start by working with single string ideas first to get some synchronization happening, and then experiment with single escape, see if one way works easier than the other.

Looks like mostly elbow to me, with a little bit of jumpiness from the wrist.

What happens if you don’t force a downward pickslant? Perhaps try the same motion with a light anchor on the radial (upper) side of the wrist, going for an upward slant and DSX.