What picking motion does The Doo use?

Out of pure curiosity, it’s impressive to me how he always makes up insane licks with all kind of odd note group on strings on the spot flawlessly.

Anyone knows what motion he defaults to on faster speeds? Looks to me like DSX but could be wrong.

Timestamps from runs: 2:20 / 5:10 and 13:44.

Would appreciate a lot if someone could answer this :relaxed:


Is intersting indeed. Im still new here but I watch him a lot, I am assuming from what I am understanding he alternates everything so has to be some sort of two way pickslant I cant tell the tendency though maybe a more knowledged player can tell

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Didn’t know about him, great player!

I only had a brief look but to me it looks like the fastest stuff is primarily elbow-driven.

I also see some finger motions, not sure if that has any function or is just idiosyncratic.

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